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Patent prosecution is a core practice for the DiPerna Law Firm. We assist our clients in identifying patentable inventions that can provide real value to a business, and we work with inventors to draft and prosecute robust patent applications with varying scopes of claim coverage that can survive invalidity challenges at the PTAB. 

Patent eligibility is a major issue to consider when drafting software applications in particular. One of our core skills is providing an up-front assessment of eligibility based on USPTO guidance and current case law, to enable our clients to make informed decisions as to which inventions to pursue for patent protection.

We have many years of experience practicing before the USPTO and are adept at analyzing Office Actions and drafting arguments in response to rejections. We view Examiner interviews as key in this. We are also able to provide flexible fee arrangements and fee predictability to our clients, for both drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

Our services include not only utility patents across a broad range of technical fields but design patents as well. We guide our clients in filing for protection not only domestically but around the world, taking advantage of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for utility patents, and the Hague System for design patents, as needed. We implement negotiation and licensing strategies and discuss monetization strategies that meet our clients’ business objectives. Accordingly, we help to create value through patent strategies that advance our clients’ goals. We are also experienced in patent enforcement and litigation, and in defending against patent infringement cases, including preparing IPRs.


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