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Data Privacy and Protection


Data privacy, cybersecurity, and protection is a fast-evolving area of the law.  
Increasingly, businesses must be on top of the technological and legal issues relating to the
privacy and protection of networks and data. Data breaches can cripple a business, and
protecting against such breaches – and taking swift action if they occur – are vital
considerations. There is a growing tapestry of laws, including California’s Privacy Rights Act
(CPRA), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and others, that regulate which
types of personal information companies can store, how this information can be collected,
what notices to customers are required, and how such data must be protected. These issues
can be complex and can be implicated across a broad spectrum of industries such as digital
advertising, telecommunications, finance, and others. We counsel clients in these areas and
guide them in understanding the changing legal landscape surrounding them. Strategies
incorporating risk assessment and mitigation are key.


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